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Over the last couple months we have been collating feedback as to the direction we go as a club when it comes to our home venue. With the contract of the home venue for the seniors expiring, and the home venue for the Phutures on a rolling contract, we felt this was a good time to action.

With the priority of having the entire club in one location as our priority, we have evaluated options to achieve this, as well as maintaining a financially sound position for the teams.

With that being said we are thrilled to announce Butts Park Arena, Coventry as the new home for training sessions and games of the Nix.

Butts Park Arena, new home for Tamworth Phoenix

Butts Park provides us with top-class facilities to continue the development of the club and more. And as such they have already hosted GB international games and BAFA national finals!

Coventry Rugby Club, who already call Butts Park home said:

"We as a club are really looking forward to this move for Tamworth Phoenix we want to help you to grow, and start to build a fanbase but more importantly a stadium you can call home."

This will be a move commencing in January for us and we really are looking forward to it!

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask the committee and we'll be more than happy to answer!



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