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Mission Statement

The objectives of the Tamworth Phoenix are to:

Promote and stimulate the interest of American Football within Tamworth and the surrounding areas.

Promote, encourage, develop and ultimately provide practical experience of the sport of American Football.

The Tamworth Phoenix is committed to encouraging the highest ethical standards. All individuals involved in the Tamworth Phoenix will conduct themselves with integrity, transparency, and accountability in a fair and equitable manner.

Membership of the Tamworth Phoenix is open to anyone regardless of colour, race, creed, religion or sex.

Foster and promote good working practices to all other teams and organisations.

Ensure the Tamworth Phoenix abides by all rules as set by the National Governing Body and its respective Associations.

Ensure all members abide by the rules and do not bring the Tamworth Phoenix into disrepute.

Ensure that the highest standards of discipline are maintained during members’ activities particularly in relation to interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills (as per code of conduct).

Provide opportunities to develop social, personal and inter-personal skills.

Create an environment which allows those with an interest in administration in American Football to reach the highest possible standards.

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