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Phoenix Football is back!

We're finally getting back to football, with our 2021 season kicking off next Sunday 27th 1PM KO at home (Pack Meadow, Coleshill) vs. Leicester (full season schedule can be found here), followed by a Juniors game at 4PM. The teams have all been back in training for the past couple of months, and needless to say the players and coaches can't wait to take the field for the first time in almost 2 years. We can't wait to see some fans back down at Pack Meadow enjoying some action.

To celebrate the new season we're running the popular Nix Raffle again - take a look at the info page (click here) for more details on the raffle including draw dates, prizes (£400 is up for grabs for each entry!) and draw streaming link.

We are also once again offering NixNation memberships, and Furnace and Firebird members get a free entry into the draw along with their other benefits, including hoodies, tees and season tickets.

We hope you'll take the opportunity to get out, come watch some live sport and support us this season... we're delighted to be back!!


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