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New Sponsor: Body Focus Fitness

The Nottingham-based health and fitness equipment provider, Body Focus Fitness has announced their sponsorship of the Tamworth Phoenix.

“Body Focus Fitness are thrilled to announce this arrangement with the reigning Britbowl champions” said Simon Denning, Owner and Founder of Body Focus Fitness,”We have always identified with the Phoenix’ desire to be the best team they can possibly be and are delighted to have the opportunity to help the team for the upcoming season”

This sponsorship will allow the Tamworth Phoenix to help grow the club as they look to #Attack their Britbowl title in the upcoming 2018 season as well as massively supporting the challenge the team will face competing in the Northern European Football League this season. On top of the support Body Focus Fitness are providing financially, they are also offering Tamworth Phoenix players with discounts on their renowned fitness and recovery equipment, which will certainly help the Nix in their ten game regular season, post season as well as the european games.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have Body Focus Fitness involved as a team sponsor. As a club, we are always looking to find ways to gain a competitive advantage and Body Focus Fitness’ equipment will help us do just that.” Director of Operations at Tamworth Phoenix, Elliot Walters said. “The company’s approach is closely aligned with ours and we are looking forward to growing this relationship as we attack our upcoming challenge, both at home and in Europe”.

To see what Body Focus Fitness are about, check them out here where you can find deals on their products and helpful tips for body recovery on their blog!


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