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Junior and youth coaches announced

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Tamworth Phoenix are excited to announce the formation of the Phoenix Junior team for the upcoming 2019 season.  Phoenix President James Hossack expressed “I am very excited for us to be able to re-launch the junior team this year. It’s a format the team originally grew out of and it will go a long way toward making the senior team sustainable for years to come. It also gives our very talented youth players a continual pathway of development into the senior team”

Leading the Junior team, the Phoenix are delighted to announce the appointment of Mick Fearn as the new Head Coach. Hossack comments “Mick has been a massive part of the Phoenix program and has been heavily involved in the last few years with the Youth team and the Phoenix are excited to have him heading the new junior program for this year. Mick has great experience in the game and has already worked with a number of the prospective juniors players. He is enthusiastic and organised and will be a great leader for the junior team.” Coach Fearne expressed his excitement for his return; “Obviously I am really pleased to be back coaching full time, I missed it hugely but it was worth taking the time away to deal with shifting priorities. Talking with some of the key guys around the Phoenix recently, I sense a genuine commitment and passion to bring Junior football back to the Nix. There has been a noticeable void between Youth and Senior in recent years, but with a strong class of 2018 graduates the time seems right for the club.  I am really excited by this venture and the coaches we have lined up are going to be amazing! I’d be lying if I said this was going to be easy, that said, we’re all up for the challenge and as usual we will approach it with relentless ambition and dedication. We have a duty to these young ballers and one we intend to fulfil.”

Leading the offence, the phoenix are pleased to welcome Coach Sam Kendall, a wealth of coaching experience, Sam will be a welcome addition to the coaching roster “We’re excited to welcome Sam to the Phamily as our offensive co-ordinator. He has great experience at both the youth and junior level with Swindon Storm and his recent time with the Coventry Jets as head coach will really have helped develop his leadership skills. We are looking forward to seeing him in action!” Comments Hossack.

The defence will be headed by Coach Peter Davies. Coach Davies has been a part of the Phoenix for many years, having played on the senior team and was appointed the defensive co-ordinator of the youth team for the 2017 season, he is experienced and it is fantastic to welcome him back. Hossack states “Pete has previously worked with Mick so will already have a great understanding of how the team will operate, also having been coached by the Head coach and defensive coordinator of the senior programme, as well as his experience in playing and coaching both youth and juniors, I have no doubt he will bring a scaled down, but just as intense version of #ProjectHavoc!”. Senior team Head Coach Jason Scott is thrilled – “Mick knows the junior players and how to get the most from them, he was the logical appointment and we are looking forward to welcoming him back. His experience, knowledge combined with the appointment of Coach Davies and Coach Kendall, means that our junior team should hit the ground running”

Following a successful season, it is with delight, the Phoenix announce Coach Karl Burgess will continue to lead the Phoenix Youth team in the 2019 season. Jason Scott comments “Karl has been magnificent this season as Head Coach of the youth team; he brings a passion to the game, as well as astute technical and tactical knowledge. We are delighted that he is staying on – we know that his expertise and the consistency of effort that he brings will allow the youth team to continue to flourish”.  President James Hossack states “Really happy to get Karl back for another season. He initially took on the youth HC role on an interim basis but has now agreed to stay on a permanent basis”. Coach Fearn encourages any prospective player or coach to contact the Phoenix with any queries about joining the team. Coach Fearn concluded “This is a great opportunity for young athletes in the sport to take a step towards the highest level of play in the country and prepare to join the ranks of our National Championship calibre team.”

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Paul Rymer
Paul Rymer
19. März 2021

When are looking at starting youth training for 15yr old.

Gefällt mir
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